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Polka dots love

19 Jul

Style Inspiration: White Dress

17 May

If you don’t have a white dress in your closet yet {and, I don’t mean your wedding dress!}, you should go get it ASAP! There is something about that white dress this summer, last summer, and I guarantee you, many summers yet to come! I love, love, love wearing white….white suits, white skirts, white blouses…white anything….but, this time, it’s all about that little white dress!

1. Jill Sander Spring/Summer 2012 Milan Fashion Week
2. Marlene Birger Riyad Eyelet Dress
3. Alexander Wang Mesh Combo Tank Dress
5. Free People Embellished Sundress
6. Freida Pinto wearing Calvin Klein white dress @ the 18th Elle Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute
7. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears a lot of white too, and she always looks amazing! Isn’t her lace Dolce&Gabbana dress fabulous?!
8. Another girl that prefers showing off her-fabulous-self in white is Eva Mendes! Here in the most amazing white dress by Dior.

All the shoes I need this Summer

10 May

Style Inspiration: Floral Prints

21 Mar

Spring is already here, and we are so excited to wear the some flowers! How excited are you to get rid of your Winter coats, sweaters, etc., and jump right into the beautiful flower print wardrobe?

1. Peter Som Spring 2012 RTW Dress
3. Cute, flower print vintage dress from Gary Pepper Vintage!
4. Black&WhiteHeaven Design Purple Ring, and the rest of our Jewelry is perfect to spice up your Spring outfits!
5. A fabulous and stylish shoes painted by talented Kelly O’Neal! Check out the rest, here!
6. Another cute and comfortable vintage dress from Gary Pepper Vintage!
7. Miss Athlantic-Pacific’s another great outfit, not so much Spring colors, but still ‘flowerly’ adorable!
8. Isn’t this floral clutch adorable?! Thank you Christian Louboutin for making Mini Loubi Lula Clutch!

9. Floral Necklace by Black&WhiteHeaven Design, from our Extravaganza Collection. Tomorrow, you will have a chance to win this beautiful and unique handmade necklace! Make sure to visit our Facebook Page, and/or Nataly’s Glamour amour blog, to find out how!

Make up Makes Perfect

29 Dec
We all want just a perfect make up, that won’t smudge and that does not need to be fixed every few moments. Unless your make up is done by a professional make up artist regularly, you all have experienced all those issues women face, if we make wrong choices. Foundation rubbing off of your clothes, running mascara, lipstick wearing off after just a few sips of your drink…eye shadow forming those odd lines on your eyelids, etc. So, how to keep your make up in place and look gorgeous all night long? Here are some tips!
Some people will tell you should be using the brush to apply the foundation. I tried. I spent a pile of money on different brushes and I realized that the most natural look {and, the easiest method!} is using your fingers! The foundation melts under my fingers and makes it easier to apply.
Smooth it over all over your face, your eyelids and to the base of your neck to avoid the two-toned look. Use the concealer after you have applied the rest of your make up, to cover the blemishes or discoloration.
A cream blusher is the best! It stays on your skin longer, and looks more natural. Choose a soft shade of pink, and use your fingers to apply along your cheekbones. 
You should pay the most attention on your eyes, when applying the make up. First, apply eyeshadow. Do NOT use the creamy eyeshadows! It does not matter how much you paid for it, it will not stay  in place, I guarantee! Keep in mind that light colors will make your eyes stand out, while dark colors will deepen your eyes. To make your eyeshadow stay in place, regardless of the color, dip the eyeshadow brush in water before application, and wait until it dries.  
If you choose to apply the eyeliner; pencil, cream/gel or liquid, either one of them, keep in mind the following:
1. Do not use your fingers to create the taut eye! It will cause premature sagging and wrinkles! Use the Q-tip instead! 
2. Always start in the middle and work your way out and in, in small strokes!
3. Use a Q-tip to gently smooth and even out lines!
Mascara will accentuate your eyes and this time of the year you should really go for it! Apply two coats of a black mascara, and than follow with a third coat of silver mascara. This will give a subtle shimmer  to your eyes and make them shine all night long!
It’s party time, so what’s a girl to do?! Wear red lipstick! Choose the right shade of red for yourself, and to make it stay longer by patting your lips with your forefinger and applying a bit of lip-gloss over it.

There you have it! Now you have no excuse…you gotta look your best for the New Year’s Eve party! 

Image source: WeHeartIt

Style Inspiration: PINK

28 Dec

I am sick and tired of the dull, gray colors I’ve been seeing lately, and since the weather conditions and  Winter is something I have no influence over, all I can do is add some color to my outfits. Pink is my favorite color that always gets the job done, and brightens up my day. 
1. Beautifully elegant outfit! Pink wide-leg pants to die for, worn by the stylish Bee from Atlantic-Pacific.
2. Why not wear a pink poncho this Winter? Kelly Framel does, and it just looks fabulous!
3. Honor Pre-Fall 2012 Collection, just enough of pink!
4. Pink & Turquoise combination I can not resist! These amazing shoes you can get from Asos.
5. If you do not own a hot pink skirt, you need to go shopping! Pretty Shiny Sparkly combines hers with neutral colors, and looks like it has brightened her day as well. Check out the rest of the photos here.
6. Hot pink pants? Always a good choice!
7. Going to a party? Pink maxi dress should be your choice for a stunning look!
8. Another Pink & Turquoise combination I love! Simple, comfy and very stylish!
9. A vintage pink floral dress by Steffy’s Pros and Cons.
10. Even if you just add a pink scarf to your outfit, it can make your total look outstanding! Try it, it works!

What is your color choice to break out of the dull Winter colors?

Style Inspiration: Faux Fur

22 Dec
Some of my friends may not like the very idea of me wearing fur {faux or real!}, but I just love it so much! I stick to the faux fur, because deep down inside I am against any type of animal cruelty, and I strongly advise you to make the same choice. And, who needs real fur anyways, when there are so many amazing pieces of faux fur available in stores and at much cheaper prices?! 
1. Arizona Muse in ‘’State of Grace for Vogue Korea September 2011
2. Wear your faux fur jacket with an old pair of jeans; make sure to fold them up to your ankles, add a pair of fancy ankle boots and you’re good to go!
3. Another great option to wear a faux fur jacket {with your skinny jeans} by Fashion Vibe owner.
4. Be a lady, like Saucy Glossy with your faux fur headband. You can get similar at Top Shop.
5. A cozy, white faux fur long vest over your comfy blouse. Add some fabulous pumps, skinny black jeans, grab your purse, and you can hit the London Fashion Week.
6. Golastaneh – Street Style faux fur vest combined with jogging pants and comfy wedges for a casual look. 
7. Pretty Shiny Sparkly bold look; check out the rest of the photos here.