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Rainy Days

24 May

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Only boring people are bored!

21 May

Black&White Heaven Design Leather and Chain Necklace

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Animal Print

16 May

Black&WhiteHeaven Design Clutches
 You can order them by sending us an e-mail at

For the love of bags

4 May
I’ve been so inspired these past few days! Sun is out and that’s all I needed! Here are the products of my inspiration, and I hope you like them as much as I do…To see the rest of Black&WhiteHeaven Design work, please visit the Facebook Page.

S/S 2012 Lookbook

22 Apr

Today, we decided to have some fun. And, yes, the mission was accomplished; Black&WhiteHeaven Design Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook is done!

Thanks a lot to our model, Armina, and all the friends that gave their input today {picking outfits, nagging, and such!}. We are especially proud to introduce the new model of bow belts, made of high quality cotton, and available in any color. The choice is yours! Also, we are preparing a collection of purses and headbands….

Here you can see our first purse in navy and red color, and more is yet to come! We promise you this: IT WILL BE COLORFUL!

To see our Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, please visit our Facebook fan page.


14 Mar

To see the rest of the pieces in the Extravaganza Collection, please visit our Facebook page.

Nostalgia Part III

18 Jan

1. Fairy Earrings, 10KM {5 EUR}
2. Butterfly Necklace, 20KM {10 EUR}
3. Sophia Earrings, 10KM {5 EUR}
4. Mia Earrings, 10KM {5 EUR}
5. Black Hoops, 10KM {5 EUR}
6. Spring Earrings, 10KM [5 EUR}
7. Sophia Ring, 10KM {5 EUR}
8. Black Magic Necklace, 20KM {10 EUR}

To order, please email us at If you would like to see the rest of Nostalgia, please click here.