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Style Inspiration: Faux Fur

22 Dec
Some of my friends may not like the very idea of me wearing fur {faux or real!}, but I just love it so much! I stick to the faux fur, because deep down inside I am against any type of animal cruelty, and I strongly advise you to make the same choice. And, who needs real fur anyways, when there are so many amazing pieces of faux fur available in stores and at much cheaper prices?! 
1. Arizona Muse in ‘’State of Grace for Vogue Korea September 2011
2. Wear your faux fur jacket with an old pair of jeans; make sure to fold them up to your ankles, add a pair of fancy ankle boots and you’re good to go!
3. Another great option to wear a faux fur jacket {with your skinny jeans} by Fashion Vibe owner.
4. Be a lady, like Saucy Glossy with your faux fur headband. You can get similar at Top Shop.
5. A cozy, white faux fur long vest over your comfy blouse. Add some fabulous pumps, skinny black jeans, grab your purse, and you can hit the London Fashion Week.
6. Golastaneh – Street Style faux fur vest combined with jogging pants and comfy wedges for a casual look. 
7. Pretty Shiny Sparkly bold look; check out the rest of the photos here.