10 Must-Have Fall Items!

3 Aug
#1. Leopard Ankle Boots
#2. Nude Peep-Toe Pumps

#3. Pencil Skirt
#4. Pleated Skirt
#5. Lady-like Dress
#6. Little White Dress

#7. White Blouse
#8. Red Pants

#9. Leather Jacket
#10. Tux Jacket
Regardless of my enormous love for the Summer time, and all the gorgeous items I was looking forward to wear this Summer (and, I have been wearing!), I have to admit that I am ready for  Fall to begin! I have numerous Fall outfits on my mind right now…and, pieces above are key players in all of them! 
Of course, do enjoy the rest of the Summer, but be prepared for Fall…time flies by so quickly, you won’t even notice and Fall will be all around!

One Response to “10 Must-Have Fall Items!”

  1. Madeleine Roberts August 3, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    I love all that you featured especially the red pants. I have been eyeing a pair at Anthropologie and I just might but them. And the lady-like dresses are so classic with many fun possibilities. I can, also, never get enough leather or tux jackets.I am already counting down the days to Fall.-Madeleine

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